Using Trello Like A Pro: Part 3

A while ago, we asked on Twitter if you knew that Trello had a calendar feature. It turned out that, no, many of you did not know that. So, I wrote this post, our third installment of “Using Trello like a Pro”, in an effort to inform you, our good-looking, productive readers, about all the cool stuff in Trello that you may have missed. You can read the previous installments here…

Okay, now on to the good stuff.

Check Out Power-Ups! 


We are dedicated to keeping the core Trello experience as simple as possible. If it’s not something that every project needs, like comments, checklists, and attachments, then it’s not going to be in core. But we still want to provide additional, niche features to those that need them. So we launched Power-Ups, board-level features that you can toggle on and off. Calendar, Card Aging, and Voting are just three of the many available integrations. To enable them, open up the board menu in the board sidebar and select “Power-Ups”. Free users have the option to enable one Power-Up per board. Combine all three Power-Ups and more with Trello Business Class.

You can create cards via email.


That’s right! Open the sidebar menu, select “Settings”, then “Email Settings”. We’ll give you an email address that you can add to your address book with a nice, easy-to-remember name. Send that address an email and boom, a card will appear on your boards. You can read more about it in the original blog post.

Trello Gold and Business Class give you more out of Trello.

We have two paid products for your consideration! We created Business Class for teams and businesses to provide additional administrative controls and features, like Google Apps integration, observers, and additional permissions. Read more about Business Class.

We created Trello Gold for individuals so you can support Trello and get extra bits of fun and functionality, like custom board backgrounds, larger attachments, and stickers. Read more about Trello Gold. Also, for every person you get to join Trello, you can get a month of Trello Gold for free, for up to 12 months. Check out your recommend page for ways to share Trello.

There are free board backgrounds and they are used on the boards page, in favicons, and everywhere.


Did you know you can change your board background to any of six colors for free? It’s true! And with Trello Gold, you can upload your own or choose from many hand-selected photos and patterns. Open you board menu in the sidebar, select “Settings”, then select “Change background…”.

Board backgrounds are used in a lot of places, including the new boards page. Another cool thing: when you open a board in the browser, the favicon will change to match the board background.

Shortcuts are efficient. Try “J/K” on cards and the ever-important “B”.

Trello is filled with keyboard shortcuts which will have you Trellin‘ with unheard-of speed. They are all listed on this page, which you can bring up at any time by pressing “?”. I wanted to point out two new ones and an important one. If you are viewing a card, you can press “J” to open the next card in the list, and “K” to open the previous card. You should also know about “B”. Press it to open the boards drawer, where you can immediately start typing to filter boards, and press “enter” to open it. Neat!

You can re-order starred boards via drag and drop.

Try it! You can put your very most important board at the top of the list, making it even easier to access.

Space Taco

Taco is our mascot.

He is a siberian husky, not a fox or a wolf, and his name is Taco, not Roo. You may see him around the app introducing you to new features. He has been to outer space.

That’s all for today. Hopefully you are more of a pro now. Oh, there is also a Trello Resources board that is updated regularly with tons of usage examples, extensions, bookmarklets and more. Maybe you could star it? We’re always sharing tips on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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