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We Made Getting Around Trello Lots Faster With Starred Boards, A New Boards Page, and More

By | Published on | 3 min read
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We’ve been hard at work making Trello faster and easier to get around. We focused on a few major problems...

  • When you had a lot of boards, it was really hard to find the ones you care about.
  • The boards page--the page you see when you first log in--was pretty ugly visually underwhelming and had a bunch of stuff you didn’t need to see.
  • Switching between boards was hard because it involved a lot of clicks and scanning of lists, which made it tough for people who used multiple boards on a daily basis. Switching boards was also tough because…
  • Loading boards with lots of cards was slow. Like forgetaboutit slow.

So we’ve introduced a few new things to help you find your most important boards and make switching between boards really fast.

A New Boards Page


The first thing you’ll notice when you log in is the new boards page. Previously, it was a big, long list of boards, which was hard to scan, and some account options, which you didn’t really need to see. We focused on the most important thing, which was finding and getting to your boards. Your boards page is now a large grid of boards, each using the background you can set in the settings tab.

Starred Boards


When you hover over a board on your boards page, you’ll notice a little star icon in the corner. Click it to star the board. Now it will always be at the top of your boards list. This means you can always find your most important boards without having to scan the entire list. You can star as many boards as you like. You can also drag-and-drop starred boards to reorder them, so you can have the board you really really care about at the top.

Boards Drawer


The ”Boards” button in the top left now opens your new boards drawer. Boards in the drawer use board backgrounds, making them easy to find. You’ll notice that your starred boards are at the top, so it’s easy to switch between the ones you care most about. As you navigate to other boards, you’ll notice boards being added to the “Recent” list beneath your starred list. This way you won’t lose that important board you just visited. To make it even easier to switch boards, you can keep the drawer open as you navigate between boards by clicking the “Always keep this menu open.” link at the bottom of the drawer.

A Cleaner Look and Faster Loading Boards

You’ll notice that cards have a new look. We stripped many of the heavy styles from cards, which now look nice and clean. This also makes scrolling and displaying cards much faster and smoother. As you switch between boards, you’ll notice opening boards is almost instant now, even for boards with a lot of cards. Trello is faster because it’s now smarter about how it stores board data in your browser so it doesn’t have to download the data again.

As always, let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. And thanks so much to all the people who had early access to the new features and reported bugs and provided feedback. You made a big difference.

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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