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“Oh, The Places You’ll Trello”: #WhereITrello Community Roundup 1

By | Published on | 5 min read
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#WhereITrello roundup main photo

Whether you’re on a tour of the Game of Thrones shoot locations, getting a productive jolt at a cafe, or sitting in your own backyard, there’s no shortage of places where you can explore, get inspired, and work on your next big idea. Luckily, you can always bring Trello along for the ride.

Our users live, work, and travel all over the world while relying on Trello to keep them in the loop on projects, updates, and due dates. So we recently launched the #WhereITrello social media series to celebrate how and where people are using Trello. Now, Wednesdays at Trello are about connecting with folks working with a view of a Japanese city skyline or at home, in a garden full of ducks.

Welcome to our first blog roundup of some of our latest and favorite #WhereITrello entries! Keep up with the all places to Trello by following along on our Twitter and Instagram.

The One With The Lush Scenes

#WhereITrello entry

Name: Jena (@jenarenee)

#WhereTheyTrello: Washington, USA

#HowTheyTrello: “I’m an Executive Assistant to a CEO that runs multiple companies, so I have a lot on my plate at once. The board in my photo is my task list—I have it divided in sections like Ongoing, Current Tasks, Follow-ups, Pending, and Completed, which allows me to quickly and easily track things that I’m working on. It also helps me to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks!”

#FavoriteThingsInTrello: “I love love love using the due date and attachment functions—my boss emails me tasks, which are easy to lose in my inbox. I import the emails along with any attachments into Trello so that I can easily reference what tasks I have to work on (all without having to go back into my email to retrieve attachments). I set due dates for most tasks and use the checklist feature to list additional steps that need to be completed. I also love being able to tag my boss in tasks that need his approval. Ugh. There’s too much to mention, seriously! I have no idea how I’d effectively do my job without Trello!”

The One With Aspirational Lighting

#WhereITrello entry

Name: Lauren (@LaurenMyersCo)

#WhereTheyTrello: Georgia, USA

#HowTheyTrello: “This was my monthly planning session where I post up in a coffee shop for a few hours one Saturday a month and plan out all blog content, goals, and emails for the next month. The key to staying on track is staying ahead! I keep everything organized in my 2018 Blog Editorial Calendar board which is what I was using here.”

#FavoriteThingsInTrello: “I LOVE the Calendar Power-Up because having the option to view my tasks on a calendar is helpful to get a visual of the week ahead. I also love that you can move cards around on the calendar as needed! A feature that I also cherish is the ability to work offline which is important when you want to be productive but don't have a reliable connection.”

The One That Broke Instagram

#WhereITrello entry

Name: Arnau (@arnaunaw)

#WhereTheyTrello: Bilbao, Spain

#HowTheyTrello: This summer I was planning two trips to a couple destinations with different people. One of them was a road trip in Basque country, a region of Spain. We were visiting five cities in seven days so my Trello board had a lot of information: Hotels/Airbnb bookings, event reservations, places we wanted to visit, amazing sights we didn't want to miss. Having all this stuff in a perfect organized travel Trello board made sure we had an amazing trip! This picture is taken in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Spain where Game of Thrones decided was the perfect location for Dragonstone.”

#FavoriteThingsInTrello: “I have been using Trello since 2016 and I use it professionally and personally. I started using it after a job promotion where I needed to be more productive while working the same number of hours each day. I have boards for everything in my life—I’ve just begun planning my next trip to Finland that is in two weeks! Anyways, I won’t forget to update my bag checklist and make sure I list winter clothes on it! ;)”

The One With A Great Cause

#WhereItrello entry

Name: Elle (@Iam_ellejohnson)

#WhereTheyTrello: Maryland, USA

#HowTheyTrello: “I've been using Trello for a few years now and I find it extremely helpful to manage my projects. I have a few different active boards including my job searching/resources board and my Women By Choice blogging content. Women By Choice Global empowers females to make the best choices for their lives and careers via education, events, and an online community that connects goal-driven, professional, and supportive women of which I am an active member and blogger. In this photo, I created a board to organize women who I am interviewing for our "Winning Women" blogging series. The goal is to highlight women once per week who are making a difference in their community. The board includes their bios, professional photos, questions I am asking them, my research, and their responses to my questions. I then use my information stored in Trello to produce my write up and publish here.”

#FavoriteThingsInTrello: “My go-to tips and tricks are the attachments, adding members, and the due date features. For this project in particular, it helped that I could attach all of the information emailed to me related to "Winning Woman". In addition, adding cover photos helped me organize my board more efficiently and helped to put a face to the name. Adding members to the board is extremely helpful for my leader and I with this project because we reduced the amount of emails between each other and increased efficiency by me adding her as a member to my board. She is now able to see all the changes and additions I am making in real time.”

Show Us Where You Trello

We almost forgot, submitting a photo means having a chance at winning a limited edition Trello GSD shirt 👕

Want in on the action? Share your #WhereITrello story—simply post a picture of how you’re using Trello in the wild on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag, #WhereITrello. We’ll send you a shirt if your photo is featured on our blog or social channels!

Some tips:

  1. Make sure your Trello board is visible and doesn’t contain any sensitive info before taking a photo.
  2. Lighting, lighting, lighting! Play around with light in the room to get the best possible shot.
  3. Show off what you got—don’t worry about being “trendy”, we want to showcase your authentic self.

Go on! Keep calm and photograph on!

Good or bad, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello) or write in to support@trello.com

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