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"Keep Calm And Trello On": #WhereITrello Community Roundup Part 2

By | Published on | 5 min read
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where I trello roundup

Up, down, or around town at your neighborhood IKEA store, you can Trello away from a screen of any size—even if you’re offline. With over 💯 #WhereITrello submissions floating around on the internet, it’s safe to say that no matter your location, we’re all working on something amazing.

This is the second roundup of the latest and most favorite #WhereITrello entries! This second installment not only showcases where Trello users are creating away, it also shows how. We’ve included screenshots of some marvelous boards to help us all get excited about GTD.

Follow along (or share!) on Twitter or Instagram to keep up with all the hot spots (...literally) folks are using Trello. Peruse the inspo below and submit your own story using the tag #WhereITrello.

 The One With Good Penmanship

Trello board example from user

Name: Vladi (@shedlevich)

#WhereTheyTrello: Espoo, Finland

#HowTheyTrello: Currently, I'm using Trello for all my projects that consist of multiple tasks and contain data such as PDFs, pictures, links and so on. At the moment my main project is my "YouTube Channel" Trello board. It’s where I collect ideas on the songs I want to learn and record soon 😊.  The goal of this project is to help me keep track of new ideas and to track my progress.

#FavoriteThingsInTrello: As for Power-Ups, I can't live without Custom Fields and often, without Costello. I like to make my cards more informative, that's why I often add some custom fields and additional info there.

car maintenance trello board

Here is my "Car Maintenance" project, where I collect data on the services done to my car. Cards and lists are grouped into topics that reflect specific actions and purchases—cards are supplied with information that helps me in tracking outcomes and places where service was done.

The One That’s Literally Delicious

trello for baking

Name: Jodi (@Jodilynne3)

#WhereTheyTrello: Prince Edward Island, Canada

#HowTheyTrello: I use Trello for all aspects of my life: the board I use the most is my master list which covers all my to-do lists from personal to professional. My mind is so clear when I have everything I need to do in one place. I never forget anything, thanks to Trello :)

One of my current Trello boards is my e-portfolio—I use it to keep track of all my accomplishments, courses and certifications, presentations, notes of appreciation, skills, and experiences, as well as a section for future training needs. It has been so helpful, I refer to it often and add to it weekly.  

trello cooking board

My husband, Jerry, and I have an Agile Household Board to keep track of everything from groceries to house renovations—it has been a game changer. We also have a "Chef Jerry" board where we keep track of all Jerry's breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack recipes and ideas. We never have to ask each other, "What do you want to have for supper?" We just open up the board for inspiration.

It's a sweet deal: Jerry does the cooking and I upload the recipes, photos, and of course do the taste testing 😋

#FavoriteThingsInTrello: The Card Aging Power-Up (pirate mode) is super useful: I turn it on about once a month to have a quick glance at cards that have not been actioned in a while. This helps me put my attention on tasks that may have been “back-burnered” due to other priorities, and I can then re-prioritize and action them. I'm also fascinated with the Butler Power-Up and I want to explore more ways to automate my tasks—conserving time and a few mouse clicks.

The One From Inside A Furniture Store


Name: Bri (@briggmonsterz)

#WhereTheyTrello: Everywhere, including IKEA

#HowTheyTrello: I personally use Trello to combat my ADHD by keeping a running inbox of my to-do items that I organize by weekday. I tend to cycle through various Trello board configurations to stay organized as Trello remains my constant. On my “Bri Weekly To-Do” board, I can be flexible as to how general or detailed I am in my tasks.

I break larger tasks up by checklists, can forward emails with action items to my Trello inbox “to be sorted” list, and further integrate with our company’s Slack to gamify my activity. Essentially, I get a notification of when something is completed or altered. It sounds silly to be notified of when you’ve just done something, but it’s akin to completing a task on a pen and paper to-do list and scratching it out.

It’s just satisfying.

In collaborative work at TeamSnap, I use Trello to track project progress for our TeamSnap Website Design and Development Services. I currently project manage 30+ website projects with our fabulous partner The Dotcom.

While the rest of the team is based out of Boulder, CO, I travel full time across the United States from various locations within and outside of IKEA. We needed a tool to bridge the organizational, and often very large, geographical gap between our team. With Trello we can track and organize project types, account notes, assignments, due dates, link attachments and view all current projects on one board.  

trello for website design project

#FavoriteThingsInTrello: Our most frequently used Power-Ups are Google Drive, Salesforce, and Custom Fields. Custom Fields are probably my favorite. We found a need for multiple due dates on a card and use Custom Fields to mark the deliverable dates of our projects. As far as Power-Ups, I love using Deadlines by Elegantt — it’s a great visual of our upcoming priority deadlines.

The One Going For A Layup

trello for basketball training

Name: Joe (@tragic_bronson)

#WhereTheyTrello: New York City

#HowTheyTrello: Aside from using Trello for keeping myself organized with everyday life tasks, I use Trello mainly for my business: J.R.M.Athletics, a basketball training company. We work with clients ranging from nine-years-old to adults at the professional level. Our goal is to provide our clients with the necessary tools to become the best athletes they possibly can.

#FavoriteThingsInTrello: I use the Jira Power-Up, it helps a ton when I want to share large amounts of information with my colleagues.


We almost forgot, submitting a photo means having a chance at winning a limited edition Trello “GSD” shirt 👕Want in on the action? Share your #WhereITrello story—simply post a picture of how you’re using Trello in the wild on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag, #WhereITrello. We’ll send you a shirt if your photo is featured on our blog or social channels!Some tips:

1️⃣ Make sure your Trello board is visible and doesn’t contain any sensitive info before taking a photo.

2️⃣ Lighting, lighting, lighting! Play around with light in the room to get the best possible shot.

3️⃣ Show off what you got—don’t worry about being “trendy”, we want to showcase your authentic self.

📸 Go on! Keep calm and photograph on!

Good or bad, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello) or write in to support@trello.com.

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