The New Cards Page

After using Trello for a while, boards and cards start piling up. If you want to see just your cards, clicking through each board and scanning for your cards is a pain. So to help, we’ve added a ‘Cards’ page that contains all your cards across all boards. Just visit, or click the ‘Cards’ link in the sidebar. Trello sorts cards by board then by list, so cards on leftmost lists will show up first.

Want to see what somebody else is doing? You can see other people’s cards page, too. Visit their profile and click ‘Cards’ in the sidebar. Here’s my cards page, for example. It will only show cards on boards you are able to see, so there’s no worry about anybody finding out about your diabolical plan to take over the universe. (I’ve said too much!)

Oh, and this is probably a good time to remind you of the ‘q’ keyboard shortcut. If you press ‘q’ while viewing a board, it will filter your cards, hiding all other cards. Handy. More filtering options are available by clicking the ‘Search and Filter Cards’ button in the sidebar. Use ‘f’ to bring it up even faster. Use ‘x’ to clear all filters. You know what, just read this page

We think Trello has always worked especially well for keeping teams on the same page, but when you’ve got lots and lots of boards and cards, it can fall down for the individual. We hope the new cards page will give you better visibility on your tasks and save you some time.

Card Cover and Attachment Updates

After listening to some feedback, we’ve got a new aspect ratio for covers, roughly 2:1 compared to 3.2:1. This means you’ll be see more of the image on the front of the card and avoid some potentially awkward cropping. Also smaller images are no longer stretched out to fit the width of the card. You won’t get a low resolution, highly pixelated version any more.

We’ve also added the ability for Chrome users to upload from your clipboard. Find an image like this cake masquerading as a hamburger, right click, select ‘copy image’, go to your board and hover over a card, paste (control/command + v), and Trello will handle the upload. It’s a small, but really nice addition, especially if you’re working with a lot of screenshots and pictures of cake on the internet, which we are.

That’s it for now. Check out the Trello Development board to see what’s coming up next. We’re listening on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, too.

54 thoughts on “The New Cards Page

  1. Cool. I have two boards. When I select “Cards” it says, “No visible cards” … yet my two boards are chock full.

      • Thanks Bobby. So to have that functionality, I now have to assign each card to myself? How about an option that allows a “default assignment” selection for any newly created task?

          • Hi Bobby:

            I’m using my board privately, but I’d have to say that it would still be great to view my cards the way the new cards page displays them. Or more specifically, what I like most is the wrap around that occurred with your Trello Development cards. The one row of lists in the default view combined with lists that don’t span the entire vertical space create a significant amount of wasted space. (Do let me know if there’s another way to deal with that though).

          • Yeah but, to quote you, “clicking through each board and scanning for your cards is a pain”.

            I think I was expecting the same a Filippo- a quick overview of all cards from various boards in one place.

            But I can easily assign current/urgent tasks to myself and get a good view of what needs to be done next. Works for me. Cheers.

          • The feature is “all cards across all boards”. So are you suggesting that, if I have six boards, I should go in and out of each one to see my cards?

      • Hi ! Thanks for your new Card board. But an option to see all the cards that i have created would be very nice. For example, as an organisation, Products managers create a lot of cards and assign them to co-workers. Each PM would like to see their cards with this new improvement.
        Is this in your road map ?

        ps : sorry for my bad english

  2. All this work… still no way to delete a list. I like the idea of an “on-board” recycle bin, do you see where I am going? You can just drag and drop lists or cards to the recycle bin that is on each board. From the recycle bin, you can restore cards/lists you didn’t want to delete, and recycle bins empty on a user-defined schedule…

  3. “all your cards across all boards?” I see a handful of my cards on 4 of my boards. That not all of my boards or cards. Is there a “more” or something?

  4. This feature allows me to eliminate the distraction of other features and focus specifically on the ones I have a hand in building. Thank you, Fog Creek!

  5. This is great, the most missing feature on Trello. It’s still a bit rough, but great work guys. I’m following your “keep shipping” motto!

  6. Excellent work! I also love the clipboard upload. I actually could have used that this morning, had I know about it.

  7. Thanks for this sweet feature!
    I had to change the way I work on boards that are private and only visible to me. I now have to put my face on that card…who else is going to do that? =)
    It’s a bit strange, but worth seeing My Cards on one page.

    • As commented above, for private boards you could see only that board. OR you could assign yourself to the tasks which you are currently working on. This will give you the options to have a private but ‘global’ task list, and still see only the tasks you are supposed to work on… :)

  8. I absolutely love this new feature. It’s one of those things that was holding me back from using trello on a daily basis but now I’m giving it a shot at becoming my main task management application. Good job guys!

  9. Excellent, I like it… and the copy/paste image upload is awesome!

    Any chance we can see a similar “cards across all boards” view but grouped by common list names? For example, cards “in progress” for many boards…

  10. Brilliant! This is so hopeful. Now I can integrate all my boards while still preserving the utility of keeping them separate. Huge improvement.

  11. I’d been wanting this, but didn’t know who/how to ask about it.

    As long as you’re adding/refining features, if you could allow us to color code the whole card (vs just a sliver) that’d be fantastic, too.

  12. The only problem with the Cards feature is that I have several boards for which I’m the only member, and I’ve therefore never assigned myself to the cards of that board.

    As a result, these boards don’t show up at all in my Cards layout.

    Perhaps the feature should be amended to include Cards that are assigned to you OR Cards belonging to boards to which you are the sole member?


    • Neat idea. A link to the board is probably in order, at the least. But if you are using a board solo, I wonder if it would be easier to go directly to that board to see all the cards.

      • not really. imagine you have 5 boards that you use for collaboration, and 2 solo. “my cards” is designed to show all “your” cards and i think it would make perfect sense to include the cards from your solo boards – because, well, they are yours :)

        • Agree with Eugene, Filippo and the other guys about “all cards across all boards”
          The case Eugene is describing is exactly mine.
          And I must confess that my understand about the feature the first I read it was “all cards across all boards” :)

          Anyway, we must to recognize and congrats you guys for the great work and support. ;)

      • It might, but if you have several boards, then you will still have to iterate over the boards

      • I would love to be able to use the cards view to see an overall picture of my cards. Even if I’m the only member of some of my boards, it’s still much easier to be able to view them all in one place, rather than have to open each board individually.

        Maybe a good solution would be a per-board preference that allows you to choose what to show in the cards view – only assigned cards, all cards, or no cards.

  13. I see what people are saying, it would be nice to be able to go to a private board and tick “Show all in Cards View” or whatever made sense, to allow people to treat the cards view as “Stuff that I am responsible for”. This would mean things they are working on for a group project would be visible on the same page as things they need to pick up from the supermarket on the way home.

    While people could just visit their shopping list board or personal projects board, that seems to defeat the purpose of aggregating cards that are relevant to the user.

  14. Thanks so much for implementing this feature. Up to now, I’ve always thought of Trello as “nice; has some cute features; but lagging behind Pivotal Tracker”.
    Introducing this feature has swung it to be my preferred choice and I’m now going to work even harder to get the rest of the company to adopt it for their proejcts.
    Keep up the good work!

  15. Very needed feature! Thank you.

    The clipboard upload feature is also very nice, but took me a while to realise that it doesn’t work on Firefox, had to switch to Chrome to see if it was me or what. Should mention that on the post.

  16. These sound like great new features!
    I am testing the ‘paste image onto card feature’ but it doesn’t work for me.

    I have an image on the clipboard and ‘command v’ on mac does nothing, in both firefox and safari. I have tried hovering over both an open and closed card.

    any tips?


    we are currently evaluating moving our 8 person dev team from ontime to trello. it looks like an amazing simple solution which i hope we’ll move fully onto. thanks

    • Sorry, we neglected to mention that Chrome is the only browser that supports this feature. I’ve updated the post to reflect that.

  17. Bobby
    Thanks to you and the team for adding this much needed feature – it is really helpful! I have been an internal champion for Trello within my company and (the lack of) this feature was a common complaint from colleagues.

    I have a suggestion for a further improvement that would make it even more useful (for me at least):

    Could you add an option on the cards page to include or exclude cards in the ‘Done’ list (as is already present in the Chrome extension that does the similar job). This would make it super useful as a global view of currently open tasks across projects.

    I know that by archiving cards in my ‘done’ list I can achieve this, but I would rather not have to do this by default.

    Keep up the good work.

  18. This is great. Love the feature. I have been using a chrome extension in for this.

    One issue. We have a “Done” list which we put all the cards which are done. We archive this list once a month. So we don’t want to see these cards in the my cards page.

    Is there a way to mark a card as done?