Trello for Android Updated! Version 1.3 is Available Now!

We just released a huge update to our Android app! You can download it now. We’ve updated almost the entire interface to make it more beautiful and easier to use than ever. It’s also faster and smoother.

What’s new? For one, we’ve added card covers to the app. That means you’ll get images on the front of your cards, just like on the web. Images will be in high definition for your high resolution devices, so they will look nice and sharp.

The back of the card has also been significantly updated. Cards will show a high resolution card cover at the top. Navigation is much easier and more intuitive. If you want to add an attachment, label, checklist, or due date to the card, just click the big “+” in the lower right corner. It’s always accessible. We’ve also added autocomplete to comments. Just start typing @ and the person’s name and you’ll get suggestions. They’ll get notified when you comment.

There are many other improvements like a new home screen with swipeable tabs, editable board settings, and the ability to add board members. We’ve also rewritten a lot of the backend code focusing on speed and performance. Swiping and scrolling are much smoother. And, of course, we fixed a ton of bugs.

So go download now!

19 thoughts on “Trello for Android Updated! Version 1.3 is Available Now!

  1. Great update! Any chance supporting quick user switching is on the near roadmap. I use Trello at both work and for personal projects (using Google logins for both) but have to logout and go through the lengthy login process to switch (which means I don’t use it as much as I want).

  2. Play Store still shows its incompatible with my froyo device..

    HUAWEI Ideos
    This item is not compatible with your device.

    Why does a nice app like this have to be soo demanding? :(

    • We use some APIs not available on older devices. Support for Froyo may come in the future though, as that is also the baseline for the Kindle.

  3. Nice, it looks way more usable now. Markdown lists are not shown properly though.

  4. Hey guys,

    I appreciate the update, however as I’m sure you are well aware, whenever an app requires a new PERMISSION, its goes to the manual updates pile in the Play Store, and I haven’t been able to locate a reason for why you are now asking us to grant you READ_CONTACTS?? Most projects tend to nowadays list reasons when they ask for intrusive permissions as such, to allow for OCD/paranoid individuals such as ourselves to sleep easier.

    If someone can please respond, I’d be grateful. and FYI, LOVE TRELLO! Please keep up the good work! :)

    • Good point. We use READ_CONTACTS only for when the user tries to add a user to the board from their contacts. I’ll update the app store listing.

      • Thanks for this. Better transparency by all app developers on data use (or explicitly contact use) would be great. Whenever I see a permission change, I think of Facebook looking to squeeze more rev

    • Well, the new permission stopped me from updating, too. READ_CONTACTS is too intrusive and you guys should really try to to avoid requesting it.

      • Unfortunately on Android, we can’t selectively ask for contact permissions later. We have to do it upfront so it’s all or nothing. We’ll never store your contacts, though.

  5. I’m new to Trello and found the Android app was functional but limited. This update is a huge and timely improvement.

    Like @KnightMare, I was also puzzled by the new need to READ_CONTACTS but granted access. I figured that would allow more capabilities.

    Thanks for the new update. I’m officially satisfied … for the time being :)

  6. Last time I checked, the app didn’t support the ability to work offline (and then resync data when the user next goes online). Has this been added? If not, any plans?