Card filter updates, cards page sorting, checklist copy, and more

Phew. Superstorm Sandy really did a number on Fog Creek. Our servers and offices are located in downtown Manhattan which experienced major flooding and power outages after the storm. We quickly moved Trello out of the data center and into “the cloud”, but we kept our other services running by hauling diesel fuel up 17 flights of stairs to power the backup generators. The whole experience is chronicled in the most recent Stack Exchange podcast. It was wild. We are different people now.

But things have settled down and we’re back with some great, new things to show you. Let’s check it out.

Card Filter Updates (Including Filter by Due Date)

Card filtering was one of the first things we added to Trello. Filters let you find cards on a board without having to scan every list. We’ve since added a way to search by title, but they haven’t been updated all that much. We dusted off the code and added three major improvements that we think you’ll like.

1. You can now filter by due date. There are three options: a day out, a week out, and a month out. It’s an easy way to find out what you need to do next.

2. Trello will remember your filters. Let’s say you filter for your cards, then you close the tab or go to a new page. When you come back to the board, you’ll still be filtering for your cards. This works on a per-browser basis. Want to clear the filter quickly? Hit “x”.

3. Filters will autocomplete. If you want to find just Daniel’s cards, you can open the filter menu, start typing “dani”, and Daniel will come up in the results. Just hit enter to confirm. It also works for labels (colors and names) and due times (“day”, “week”, and “month”). Pro tip: you can use the “f” shortcut to quickly bring up the filter menu. Never touch a mouse again!

Sort cards page by due date

We launched the cards page back in July so you could see all your cards across all boards in one place. We listened to your feedback and have added a few things to that page. In addition to sorting by board, you can now sort by due date. It will break cards up into “Due in the Next Day”, “Due in the Next Week”, “Due in the Next Month”, “Due Later”, “Overdue Cards”, and “Cards with No Due Date”. Together with due date notifications and due date card filtering, this should make things even nicer for your time-sensitive cards. Use it to find out what to work on next. Use it to see what’s overdue. Use it to find cards without due dates. Whatever!

To change sorting, just click the “Sorting by…” link at the top of your cards page and select “Sort by Due Date” or “Sort by Board”. Another nice time saver: Trello will remember how you had your cards sorted on a per-browser basis so you don’t have to set it every time.

Visit your cards page to see it in action.

Checklist copy

We added the ability to copy boards, cards, and, more recently, lists. So why not checklists? Making and copying a template card for a template checklist is a broken and painful process. We decided we should just build it in. So we did.

To copy a checklist it, click “Add Checklist…” on the back of a card, click the “Copy Items From…” select box, and find the checklist you want to copy. Enter a title, and click “Save”. Ta-da! It will make a copy of those checklist items and use the name you entered. Quick and easy.

Bulk move and archive cards in lists

If you are like us, you often move all of the cards in a list over to another list at once. As fun as dragging a card is, it’s a pain to have to do it over and over. So we made it super easy to move all the cards in a list at once. Just open the list menu in the top right corner of a list, select “Move All Cards in This List…”, then select a new list. You can also easily archive all the cards in a list. Just click the list menu, select “Archive All Cards in This List…”, and confirm. You’re done!

Harvest Chrome Extension

Harvest is an excellent, full-featured time tracking and online invoicing app used and trusted by successful businesses around the world. The team at Harvest recently released a Chrome Extension that lets you track time directly from your Trello cards. If you’re one of the many people who requested time tracking in Trello, you should check it out! Get the Harvest Time Tracker extension.

That’s it for today! Hope you like all the new stuff. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and check out the Trello development board to see what we’re working on.

57 thoughts on “Card filter updates, cards page sorting, checklist copy, and more

  1. will we be able to move selected bulk cards at once? as opposed to the whole list.

    we are two weeks in using trello and quite happy with how zippy it is. nice work.

  2. I know I’m speaking for my project manager when I say, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU! You just made my day. Seriously.

  3. Guys, sandy will make you stronger. simply problems create opportunities and i like your work. peace

  4. Love all the recent changes, they have really helped our organization with project/task management. The sorting and copying or cards and not checklists is awesome. The only thing that would help is what happens after your reach a due date, there’s no way to check it off. Example delivered on time, delivered 2 days late or 2 weeks late.
    This can really help when looking back at what we did right and wrong.

    Also congrats on surviving Sandy we went crazy when the site went down!!!

    • Hear, hear! I love the informal project management style enabled by Trello, but what good is a “Done” list, if every card in there keeps nagging me bout being “past due” forever until I archive it? And then I still never know if/when it was done? We desperately need a Date Completed field, please, please, please! :-)
      P.S. Thanks for the limited/no downtime during Sandy! Wow!!

  5. You are just awesome, our little creative web/app agency couldn’t get through the day without Trello, so big thanks and cudos to you guys.

    Looking forward to the iPad app ;)

    Best regards
    WebHouse, Denmark

  6. It is amazing! Good work! And thanks to build this awesome software! It is a reference of what we should do in software development and UX. Congrats!

  7. Copying of lists is a very welcome feature I was dearly missing recently. Thanks for adding such core features of importance, it makes all the difference in a fluent, no-frustrations product like Trello (where the only things you notice are the things that you can’t do)!

  8. Love the new filter features – not having to click to filter by label will really save time. But where did the option to make filtered cards translucent, rather than hidden, go?

  9. Are you going to create “mirror cards?”

    These are cards that can be mirrored on a master board. So you just add Mirror next to Archive on the More option. If someone picks Mirror, they just pick the associated MasterBoard.

    For example, I have 8 boards but I would like to have snapshot of key cards on a master board. If i use the same list headings, on every board can a mirror card be created?

  10. Great new feature set roll-out!

    It’d be great of those copied checklists were synced with each other!

  11. The day Trello was down was a long day for me. Its amazing how quickly I’ve come to depend on your software. Thank you for all you did, do and are doing to make Trello so frackin awesome.

  12. Trello has revolutionized the way we keep track of our work. AND you keep making it even better with updates like these. How ever did we get by all those years without Trello? You guys are awesome.

  13. Rad! Just this morning I was grumbling to myself about lack of checklist-copying. Many thanks to the helpful message dog!

  14. Now, if we can can get the ability to copy cards within the mobile app. And, it would be nice to have card cover photos show up in the mobile app, even if they have to be reduced in size. Very handy. I spend much more time in the mobile app than I do in the web app.

  15. Glad everybody (and everything) is OK at Fog Creek after the big wash. Can we get some custom attributes for cards one day??? :) Thanks!

  16. Brilliant!

    Much needed functionality to filter and sort cards by due date! Remembering these options is even more than I could have asked for! Thank you for making the life of an agile PM easier!

    Would also love to see card labels being preserved when moving cards across boards if the label names match.

    Thank you guys, you just made my day!

    A happy PM :)

  17. Have you considered a separate Cards page for each Organisation?

    I’m assigned to ~100 cards, across ~20 boards, belonging to 8 different organisations.

    Neither of the Sort options is very useful to me.

    1) Most of the work I do doesn’t require due dates so much as ‘what’s next?’ (which Trello is really suitable for). But because I rarely use due dates Sort by Due Date is of little use to me.

    2) Sort by Board is simply alphabetical, with no reference organisation. Effectively the boards feel randomly jumbled, and even on my 27″ iMac I’ve got 5 pages of scrolling, so I can’t get any sense of overview. Short of renaming every board with the organisation prepended to the title this isn’t very useful to me.

    Ideally I think Trello should have a separate Cards page for each Organisation. A Sort by Organisation on main Cards page would be a handy addition in the meantime.

  18. Hello,

    Congrats to the great work. We are using Trello for a year by now, so it is time to make the first comment :)

    All I really miss right now is having notifications on changes of card description and checklist of cards. These get unnoticed this way though quite vital, so we have to enter a comment each time when such a change is made.

    Any plans to add this feature? :)



  19. Trello is one of “it cannot be better” things that prove that sentence is wrong on weekly basis. Thanks a lot!

  20. I’d like to see an ‘All recent activity’ across all boards/cards.

    Love to see some WordPress integration too. We use Trello for editorial purposes where cards = posts.

  21. We just started using Trello 2 weeks ago. Really happy with it and I bow to your uptime despite the situation in NYC.

  22. Hi, very cool thanks for the updates its even quicker, easier and useful than ever! – I have a question though. Is there anyway to copy over label titles that have been edited already. We are forever having to re-edit labels for each new board that we create. Thats it, keep up the good work, thanks.

  23. Now I only miss the iPad version. I really hope to have it soon, it will be amazing to move the cards using my finger! I love Trello more and more and more. You people are great, and keep doing great updates, keeping it simple and useful. Please, don’t fill it with more and more and more things forever. It’s simplicity is it’s success!

  24. Hi, first of all: Great product and great enhancements :)

    I am missing an important filter feature though:
    Today you can filter on users, which is great, but I am really missing the ability to show only unassigned cards. Is this something you are looking into?

  25. It would be super to be able to filter by label across all the boards for an organization

    also to search for the text of the comments (not just the card title).

    very happy with things though, thanks :)

  26. Gotta tell you something : I’m really impressed by what you’ve done with this tool, thank you!

    Do you plan to add other ways to archive the boards? My boss asked me “What will we do if the service is not running anymore? Will we lost everything or can we backup the data?” and I couldn’t answer :s Maybe It’s possible to save xlsx datas?

  27. You guys are awesome… Although my job is still crazy and I have waaay to much to do… you have given me piece of mind that things aren’t going to fall through the cracks. So thank you.

    Sorry to hear that Sandy hit you so hard… I appreciate you doing your best to keep us up and running. You know what they say… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    Anyway… any thoughts on being able to apply a setting that would automatically archive “DONE” tasks?


  28. Please add “Past due” to the list of date filter options. Not that all my cards are in that state or anything, but others might find it useful.

  29. I would love to be able to move several cards in a list at once. When I have a large list if I want to move 10 cards from the bottom to the middle or top of the list it’s a bit of a pain. Not sure how you would implement this but thought I’d mention it.

    Oh, and Trello rocks by the way!

  30. Many thanks to the Fog Creek team for your passion, persistence, and perseverance in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Your dedication to your customers (paying and non-paying alike) is amazing and greatly appreciated. And somehow you continue to roll out enhancements and new features – cheers to you Fog Creek!

  31. Thank you for all you do. I agree with the kudos for the uptime in spite of Sandy. Glad you are all well. Trello is fantastic.

    iPad app +1
    Surface app… Thank you for getting Trello on Surface!

  32. Thanks for nice features.

    Lacking a “over due” filter.
    Lacking a “due in 48h”, 1 day is a bit too early and 1 week is a bit too long

  33. Just to say that the recent updates are great. Trello is already one of my favourite applications and it just keeps getting better :-)

    One small request would be to have a couple more labels per board. This would make it easier to filter cards by project or status.



  34. Thank you, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication after Sandy!! Hauling diesel fuel up 17 flights of stairs is way beyond the call of duty – and I am sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    I continue to be amazed with Trello!

    Thank you for the new features.

  35. Hey guys, what about tasks DUE TODAY? Due in the Next Day, Next Week, or Next Month should also include stuff due Today which seems to have the most use for planning your current day.

    Also, can we show items that are Past Due? which we haven’t archived/accomplished yet?